xEV Battery Technology, Applications and Market


Increased government pressure for reduction in CO2 and pollutant emission, coupled with a significant improvement in the performance-to-cost ratio of automotive batteries, is accelerating the rate of xEV development across the globe. Second generation EV models from Tesla as well as major automakers have started to hit the market as automakers have a much more optimistic view of the marketability of battery powered EVs and are expanding their xEV development efforts.

This new situation has created significant opportunities for the xEV supply chain, but with those come notable risks. The carmakers’ and consumers’ expectations for lower pricing, longer driving range, and fast charge capability are all demanding and, of course, durability and safety cannot be sacrificed. We, at AABC, understand automotive battery requirements, including those for batteries with lower cost, higher energy density, wide operating temperature range, high power and ability to accept fast charge, and, of course, safety and durability. The opportunity is huge but so are the challenges — we have thus created a program that will help you follow the trends, the issues, and the directions adopted by key players.


Session Chairperson: Menahem Anderman, PhD, President, Total Battery Consulting, Inc.; Conference Chairman, Advanced Automotive Battery Conference

Energy, Propulsion, and Sustainability — The New Watchwords in Automotive Powertrain

Ted Miller, Senior Manager of Energy Storage Strategy and Research, Ford Motor Company

Vehicle Electrification: Opportunities and Challenges

Norman Lu, Senior Program Manager Powertrain; Toyota Motor North America

Talk Title to be Announced

Michael McCarthy, CTO ECARS, California Air Resources Board

xEV Expansion in China: Vehicle Battery and Materials Impact

Mark Lu, Certified Senior Industrial Analyst, Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center (IEK), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

xEV Vehicle and Battery Market Segmentation

Hideo Takeshita, President and CEO, B3 Corporation


Session Chairperson: Pablo Valencia, Senior Manager for Battery Lifecycle Management, Battery Systems Engineering, Battery Cell and Algorithms, General Motors

Rising to the Challenge: Rechargeable Battery SCiB™ with LTO Anode for LV-xEV Applications

Dai Yamamoto, Battery Systems Division, Battery Planning Department, Product Planning Group, Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation

Talk Title to be Announced

Michael O’Kronley, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, A123 Systems

Extreme Fast Charge Li-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Jarvis Tou, Executive Vice President, Enevate Corporation

EV Battery Benchmarking

Wenzel Prochazka, Battery Manager, Battery Benchmarking Program, AVL List GmbH

Infrastructure & Recycling

Grid-Integration of Batteries as The Solution for Use of Renewable Energies

Michael Keller, Head of Volkswagen Group R&D Coordination for Battery and Charging Technologies. Volkswagen

Designing for Repurposing

Oliver Gross, Technical Fellow, Energy Storage Systems, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Opportunities and Challenges of Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling

Kunal Phalpher, Chief Commercial Officer, Business Development and Operations, Li-Cycle

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