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Strategic Partnering for Early-Stage Investment



Adequate capitalization and innovative strategies are integral parts of the development of new technologies. This forum is designed for organizations interested in developing partnerships on the path to commercialization. The presentations and panel discussions will provide insight into what investors and government funding agencies look for. In addition, companies will also have a platform to present their latest data and enable them to develop partnerships in their efforts to achieve success. This is a unique opportunity to network with the complete innovation ecosystem, from principal scientists and manufacturers to public and private investors. In addition to presentations and panel discussions, the forum is also designed to provide opportunities for one-on-one meetings that will allow for in-depth conversations and next-steps.

Final Agenda

8:00 am Partnering Forum Registration & Morning Coffee


8:55 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Brian Barnett, PhD, President, Battery Perspectives LLC

9:00 PANEL DISCUSSION: Partnering & Investing on the Convergence of Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Energy Storage & Renewable Energies


Brian Barnett, PhD, President, Battery Perspectives LLC

By 2030, it is predicted that 95 percent of US passenger miles will be served by on-demand autonomous EVs owned by fleets in a business model dubbed "transport-as-a-service" (TaaS), whose market size is expected to exceed $120 billion by 2025. Discover what VCs look for in funding companies and new business strategies in a TaaS-based economy and how to ready your company to participate in the upcoming mobility disruption.

10:00 Networking Coffee Break & One-on-One Partnering Meetings


11:00 Turnkey Software Solutions for Leveraging AI to Accelerate Materials R&D

Austin Sendek, PhD, Founder and CEO, AIONICS

Aionics is a Stanford University spinout that partners with battery companies to provide turnkey software solutions and consulting services to help their clients integrate AI approaches into their R&D processes. In this talk, founder Dr. Austin Sendek will provide an overview to recent developments in using AI approaches to accelerate materials design and will discuss how these can be implemented via the Aionics software.

11:15 ALD Nano-Coatings Are Both a Cost and Performance Leader in Battery Coatings

Reuben Sarkar, Chief Product Officer, Forge Nano

ALD is a cost leader for coating of battery electrode materials. There is misperception that ALD for batteries is inherently an expensive process, akin to its use in semiconductor. However, ALD for battery cathode and anode powder coating is in fact an inherently inexpensive process that can hands-down beat the cost of today’s coating methods, all while paving the way for the next-generation high-performance surface engineered coatings. It is also a misperception that only coatings on cathodes are required. Come find why anode coatings are what’s missing in your battery strategy.

11:30 Creating a More Efficient, Safer, Greener, and Easily Manufactured Solid-State Battery

Freidoon Rastegar, PhD, CEO, Solid State Battery, Inc.

Solid State Battery incorporated in October 2017 in Los Angeles. The company has successfully developed a patent-pending solid-state electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries. New material lends itself to large area battery configuration by replacing liquid electrolyte with developed nanocomposite polymer.

11:45 Charging as Fast as Refueling a Gas Car

Jarvis Tou, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Products, Enevate Corporation

Extreme fast-charging batteries with high energy density can help break down barriers to higher EV adoption. Enevate develops and licenses silicon-dominant anode cell technologies enabling 10X faster charging without compromising the EV range or energy densities, operates at low temperatures, and has increased safety. Such extreme fast-charging batteries also enable lower cost EVs that fit in daily driving use.

12:00 pm Q&A

12:30 One-on-One Partnering Meetings – Lunch on Your Own


2:10 Chairperson’s Remarks

Mark Bershatsky, CFA, Credit and Risk Manager, JLL

2:15 PANEL DISCUSSION: Financing Advanced Renewable Energy R&D and Overcoming the Challenges and Opportunities for Commercialization


Mark Bershatsky, CFA, Credit and Risk Manager, JLL

3:15 Refreshment Break


3:35 Technology, Application, and Investing Trends in Electrification

Nitin Vaish, Advisor, Icebreaker Ventures, LLC

The innovation with electrification is already changing and will have a significant effect on how we move people and goods in the future. As a result, there is significant innovation happening across the Li-ion value chain and impacting not just transportation, but also the energy sector. This talk will focus on technology trends in the Li-ion value chain, especially at pack, BMS, and charging infrastructure level. The second part of the talk will then discuss significant application focused trends in the transportation sector and the related investment/partnership trends.

3:55 Li-Ion Battery Startups Map 2020 – Investment Opportunities

Shmuel De-Leon, CEO, Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd.

4:15 Q&A

4:25 PANEL DISCUSSION: Battery Investing Sweet Spots


Sam Jaffe, Managing Director, Cairn Energy Research Advisors

This discussion will explore historical investing approaches to batteries that have failed and suggest a path forward for making battery investments pay off. Investing in companies that incrementally improve Li-ion performance will always have a better chance at success than investing in a completely new battery architecture.

5:20 Grand Opening Reception in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Viewing

6:20 Close of Partnering Forum

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