Seventh Annual PEGS Europe Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit 2015
- 第7屆蛋白質暨抗體工程(PEGS)歐洲高峰會 2015年 -
2015年11月2 - 6日
葡萄牙,里斯本,EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel


PEGS Europe為網羅蛋白質工程與抗體工程所有方面的歐洲最大規模活動。參加人數在過去3年每年屢創新高,而今年的內容涵蓋更廣,預料規模將更進一步擴大。

  • 700位參加者
  • 175項研究發表
  • 125件論文海報發表
  • 人脈建立的各種活動
  • 確保展示會與論文海報發表的參觀時間
  • 小組討論和座談會



"The best biologics technology meeting in Europe."
- Rakesh D., Ph.D., VP, R&D, MedImmune 

"The presentations were exceptional, covering an extraordinary array of antibody and antibody-alternative technologies. PEGS Europe is unparalleled in both scope and quality." - Kevin R., Ph.D., Scientist, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute 

"A great overview highlighting almost all aspects of antibody development of the current and next generation. Almost a perfect conference."
- Peter S., Ph.D., CSO, SuppreMol 

"I have enjoyed this meeting very much and the quality of the talks has been very good. I also enjoyed our roundtable. It was a very engaged group and I thought the discussion went very well."
- Luis B., Ph.D., Scientific Director, Amgen, Inc. 



Lorenz MayrStreamlining Protein Expression & Production 

Lorenz Mayr, Ph.D., AstraZeneca 

Paul W.H.I. ParrenCurrent and Future Trends in Antibody Therapeutics 

Paul W.H.I. Parren, Ph.D., Genmab B.V. 

Andreas PlückthunProtein Engineering for New Modes of Actions & New Targets 

Andreas Plückthun, Ph.D., University of Zurich 

Tristan J. VaughanTargeting Ion Channels 

Tristan J. Vaughan, Ph.D., MedImmune Ltd. 

Gregory A. WeissMechanically Refolding Proteins beyond Unboiling an Egg 

Gregory A. Weiss, Ph.D., University of California, Irvine