Tenth Annual PEGS Europe Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit
-第10屆蛋白質及抗體工程高峰會 (PEGS)歐洲大會-
地點:葡萄牙,里斯本,Lisbon Congress Center

贊助商 贊助商名單


PEGS Europe為歐洲最大型網羅蛋白質及抗體工程各面向的活動。第9屆高峰會於2017年在葡萄牙里斯本舉行,匯集了來自全球35個國家、900多位與會者,創下與會者人數新高,針對該領域新進展進行了活絡的討論。2018年活動質量將更為充實。

  • 1,000位與會者
  • 225場技術展演
  • 150件最新研究成果海報發表
  • 人脈建立為目的的各種活動
  • 獨家展示會及海報發表欣賞時間
  • 團體討論、分組討論會、小組討論


Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) 培訓講座網羅了真實案例研討、目前遭遇問題對策、各項議題根基的基礎知識。講座由具豐富經驗的專家主持,透過正式講座、互動討論、實際作業,協助講座參加者吸收知識強化學習體驗。透過培訓講座能夠聆聽製藥產業各個面向深入解說,對於企業及大學研究團隊中新入足該領域的研究人員、輔助人員相當有助益。


Bicycles and Bicycle Drug Conjugates
Sir Gregory Winter, PhD, FRS, Master, Trinity College and Co-Founder and Director, Bicycle Therapeutics
Paracrine Delivery: Therapeutic Biomolecules Produced in Situ
Andreas G. Plückthun, PhD, Professor and Director, Department of Biochemistry, University of Zürich


“The best biologics technology meeting in Europe: a must-attend conference for novel biologics.”
- Rakesh D., PhD, VP, R&D, MedImmune

“Excellent event as usual. I always learn a substantial amount of info while at PEGS Europe.”
- Marie K., PhD, CSO, Novimmune SA

“The session was very good as was the feedback of the people I met there. So, as usual, very good meeting!”
- Christian K., PhD, Distinguished Scientist, Roche Innovation Center Zurich

“I enjoyed the meeting very much. Partly for the talks but also for the networking. I thought your topics were spot-on.”
- David S., PhD, Vice President, Xencor, Inc.

“I was very impressed with the quality of the presentations and the engagement of the attendees.”
- Yariv M., PhD, Senior Scientist, Medimmune, Inc.

“PEGS Europe is by far one of my favorite meetings, and 2017 is no exception! I enjoyed the format and the size, and also enjoyed the breadth of topics the meeting covered. I was glad to have the possibility of changing between different tracks, and thought the parallel session topics matched well with each other.”
- Laura L., PhD, Senior Director, Pfizer, Inc.

“The presentations were exceptional, covering an extraordinary array of antibody and antibody-alternative technologies. PEGS Europe is unparalleled in both scope and quality.”
- Kevin R., PhD, Scientist, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute


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