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By blending hardware and software, sensors can interact with the physical world and connect to the digital world. IoT enables billions of devices with sensors to be interconnected and allows remote data gathering and interaction at a scale. This conference track will examine the hardware challenges, such as dealing with power consumption as well as software challenges, such as strategies to implement IOT/AI, to help you stay competitive across all business sectors.


7:30 am Registration and Morning Coffee

Plenary Session

8:00 Chairperson's Remarks

Craig Wohlers, Executive Director, Conferences, Cambridge Innovation Institute

8:10 AI to the Rescue: Curing and Augmenting Brain Capabilities with the Smart Kiwi Nano-Implant

Newton Howard, PhD, Professor Neurocomputation and Neurosurgery, Brain Sciences Foundation, Oxford University; Chairman, Board of Directors, ni2o

Brain Computer Interface technologies are in constant improvement with interaction modalities ranging from non-invasive (EEG, TMS, etc.) to chronically implanted devices. We are presenting here Kiwi, a novel, minimally invasive micro-implant using nanotechnologies to record the electrical activity of neural tissue and stimulate using electrical and optical stimulation modalities. Kiwi micro-implant is operating wirelessly and is coupled to a cutting-edge AI module providing the possibility to detect in real-time neural activity patterns and adjust the stimulation parameters accordingly. This adaptative, minimally invasive and smart BCI opens a new way for personalized therapeutic applications in numerous diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinsons, Alzheimers, etc.), mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, etc.) or chronic pain, brain augmentation, and research device.

8:35 PANEL DISCUSSION: Sensor Mergers & Acquisitions: Models for Success and Lessons from Failures

Panel Moderator:

Andy Gilicinski, Managing Director - CPG Advisor, LLC and former Global Vice President RD&E, Mergers & Acquisitions - SC Johnson & Son

This panel discussion will examine the current landscape of mergers and acquisitions with the sensors and device space. Our panel of experts will discuss the current outlook within the marketplace and will examine past success and failures and how the pitfalls of failure can be avoided.


Joshua Windmiller, PhD, MSc, Co-Founder & CTO, Biolinq, Inc.

Ali Tinazli, PhD, Chief Commercial Officer, Fluxergy

Rudy Burger, Managing Partner, Woodside Capital

9:25 Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Viewing

5G Implications for Hardware

10:00 FEATURED PRESENTATION: Wrapping Your Head around 5G: A Primer for the Enterprise Community

Joshua Ness, Senior Manager, 5G Labs, Verizon

Learn how 5G will transform Enterprise IoT and enable technologies that will spur a revolution in device technology and information access.

10:30 Review of the Field: 5G, IoT, and More

Rasmus Hellberg, PhD, Senior Director, Technical Marketing, Qualcomm

IoT Platforms for Diagnostics and Remote Monitoring

10:55 Chairperson's Remarks

John Koon, Technology Editor/Writer/Researcher, Tech Idea Research

11:00 Review of Data Analysis and Model Classification Techniques for Olfactory IoT Platforms

Aminat Adebiyi, PhD, Research Staff Member,Biomedical IoT and Applied Analytics, IBM

A discussion of the varied data analysis and machine learning techniques that enable IoT platforms for olfaction. The review will touch on the versatility of techniques applied to olfactory platforms to preprocess, model and classify odorant patterns. It will also present challenges of the data from these systems and an outlook of opportunities for connectivity in use-case applications.

11:30 Wearables and Remote Patient Monitoring

Walt Maclay, President, R&D, Voler Systems

Remote patient monitoring is developing into a new standard of care. Remote monitoring capabilities are already enabling more convenient care, resulting in better patient outcomes and allowing physicians to serve patients more effectively. Supporting this shift is the availability and affordability of sensors that perform physiological measurements, wireless technology and connectivity necessary to support remote monitoring programs. 

12:00 pm Digital Endpoints Accelerate Clinical Trials: The Strategy Behind the Success

Amir Lahav, ScD, Digital Health Transformation Consultant, Formerly at Pfizer

The idea of integrating new digital endpoints into clinical trials using remote patient monitoring technology is receiving more support towards regulatory acceptance. We will highlight the essential features and emerging trends in sensor technology, advanced analytics, and patient apps that will enable us to move digital endpoints beyond the exploratory phase.  

12:30 Enjoy Lunch on Your Own

Tool Sets and Best Practices for AI and Edge

1:25 Chairperson's Remarks

John Koon, Technology Editor/Writer/Researcher, Tech Idea Research

1:30 AI at the Edge: A Review of Toolsets Available when Building an Edge Device

Srihari Yamanoor

Organizations are deploying IoT devices at an exponential scale to better serve their customers, and there is a growing need for edge devices. This is driven by a need to reduce recurring costs like cellular data charges, provide alternatives when there is poor connectivity, or react immediately to a critical sensor input, and avoid loss of productivity, identify anomalies (e.g.: leak detection) in data streams, etc. In this session, we will demonstrate the different hardware and software toolsets available to build an edge device and walk the audience through the different steps involved in building an edge device. We will also talk about the challenges involved in building and testing an edge device.

2:00 PANEL DISCUSSION: Best Practices for Data Storage and Processing

Panel Moderator:

Moderator: Laura Kassovic, CEO & Co-Founder, Mbientlab

With billions of new devices, AI or IoT-enabled sensors are transforming the field. However without the right data management tools and strategies, investments in AI and IoT can yield limited results. Learn more about some of the data management best practices and how organizations are using advanced analytics and machine learning to enable AI and IoT use cases. 


Tilak Kasturi, Founder & CEO, Predii

3:00 Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Viewing

Enabling AI

3:30 Using Health Records to Enable AI in IoT Devices

Sujay Kakarmath, Digital Health Scientist, Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs

IoT devices geared towards general wellness as well as specific diseases generate a high volume of data. These data have limited utility of their own accord as they are devoid of any context about clinical or healthcare utilization outcomes. The Data Science and Artificial Intelligence team at Partners Healthcare Pivot Labs has helped enable AI in healthcare IoT devices by leveraging EMR data from a large healthcare delivery network to supplement IoT device data. This presentation will share examples from current and past collaborations.

4:00 PANEL DISCUSSION: Legal Versus Ethical Data: Sensors for Healthcare

Panel Moderator:

Deborah Peel, Chair & Founder, Patient Privacy Rights Foundation

Which data is private? Heartbeat?  How can patient privacy be defined and protected on connected medical equipment and what are the associated rights of that patient? Are manufacturers obligated to disclose all data being collected and its usage? Are the data collected adequate and properly validated for the intended uses? What consumer protections exist to protect patients in the event of potential discrimination or data misuse?

5:00 Close of Summit

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