( SCOPE科學座談會(SSS) )

The SCOPE Scientific Symposium (SSS)

2020年2月18日 (二) 14:00~17:00 CHI’s SCOPE Summit in Orlando

The new SSS provides a forum where academics, sponsors, CROs, and other parties who share a common interest in the conduct of clinical trials can showcase their research to improve a process that in many ways is outdated and in dire need for efficiencies. The symposium will bring data-driven, scientific practices to clinical research design and execution.  These improvements should result in better decisions in new drug evaluations; providing patients with broader and more rapid access to novel medications.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Speaking: A request for abstract submissions where researchers will provide the background, methods, results, and conclusions of their work
  • Review: An independent body of scientific peer review will be formed to score the abstracts
  • Awards: Awards and levels of presentation will be assigned based on the scores as well as the greatest potential impact to the SCOPE attendees
  • The deadline for submissions is October 30, 2019. Please use the online submission form.
  • Attending: There is no added cost to attend this event at SCOPE, but Attendees and Speakers must be registered as a “Best Value” SCOPE conference participant (using discount code SSS). If you would like to attend, please contact us.

SCOPE 2019 attracted record attendance with more than 2,000 participants

A Leader in the Clinical Trial Industry: SCOPE Grows by 20% for the fourth consecutive year

2019 Event Featured

  • 2,000+ participants
  • 19 conferences
  • Participant Engagement Awards
  • Dedicated Exhibit Hall Hours & Networking Functions
  • Interactive Breakout Discussions
  • Greater Gift Vaccine Dontations

The impressive executive audience at SCOPE came together for invaluable networking opportunities with more than 52% of the attendees titled as a decision maker from leading Pharma (20%), CRO (35%), and Biotech companies (20%). Industry leaders and key decision makers representing 28 different countries and more than 700 unique organizations shared case studies, collaborated on best practices and provided unique perspectives on poignant issues that the field currently faces.

2019 Attendee Demographics

* 活動內容有可能不事先告知作更動及調整。

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