Coaltrans USA 2020
-Coaltrans USA:2020年-
地點:美國佛羅里達州邁阿密, Four Seasons Hotel

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Coaltrans USA今年也將舉行!

2020年1月舉辦的Coaltrans USA是美國以煤炭為主題的規模最大的活動之一,會場位於佛羅里達州邁阿密Four Seasons Hotel,可以和參與煤炭供應鏈的各式組織代表加深交流。歷年來的Coaltrans USA除了生產者、消費者、交易業者等煤炭供應鏈參與企業的幹部,對業界有莫大影響的政府機構幹部也每年都會參加。在本次活動中,也可以見到許多業界關係人士,找出新的商機,並建立擴大業績必要的人脈。


Reasons to attend Coaltrans USA
• Don’t miss out on the annual Coaltrans meeting of 250+ senior coal experts
• Hear Ernie Thrasher’s keynote about the state of the US coal market
NEW: Roundtable sessions covering topics such as: Colombian coal, Canadian coal and renewables
NEW: Explosive debate on the future of coal in America chaired by Paul Reagan
• Panel on cutting edge research into coal to products project
• Presentation by an Indian power company about their coal procurement strategy
• Transport panel with rail, road, barge and ship representatives
• Deutsche Bank session on how mergers and acquisitions are impacting the US coal market
• Steel panel covering the steel and met coal markets
• Networking party in the Palm Grove at the Four Seasons Hotel
• Free fold out world coal map included in all delegate bags!



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