6G B5G conference


Business Issues, Opportunities and Challenges
  • From university grants to corporate funding: Fueling the R&D investment beyond 5G
  • The low, medium, and high revenue and profit areas for 5G and beyond
  • Evolution of broadband and data economics in a post 5G world
  • Key apps and solutions for consumers, enterprise, and industrial for 5G and beyond
  • The changing business dynamic for communication service providers
  • The role of OTT service providers and other third-party players in a post 5G world
  • The business focus on non-smartphone devices in a post 5G world
  • How the autonomous vehicle marketplace evolves in a post 5G world
  • Business opportunities created for drones/UAVs in a post 5G world
  • Early 5G case studies by solution, application, and industry vertical
  • How business lessoned learned with 5G networks and solutions could apply to 6G
  • The 3G to LTE business case was easy, but what about 5G, 6G and beyond?
  • Why beating China in 5G, 6G, and beyond is so important to the United States economy

Technology Advances, Trends, Applications and Strategies
  • 5G RAN impacts on network operations and services planning
  • The timing of 5G core upgrades, network and solution impacts of 5G stand-alone
  • Bolstering 5G cybersecurity and preparing to be 6G-secure at the outset
  • What is envisioned as part of 6G and how it will evolve networks, devices, and operations
  • Applying to 6G networks what we have learned from 5G technology and operations management
  • 6G RAN: Smaller, higher capacity, lower latency, and even more challenging than 5G
  • 6G Core: What will it include? Is there a place for core network artificial intelligence?
  • Private Wireless Networks in a Post 5G world and how it evolves and transforms further with 6G
  • Special capabilities in a terahertz wireless world: Hypersensitivity and detection for sensing and location
  • The role of mesh networking in the transformation of local and private networks with 6G
  • The transformation of back-haul in a post 5G world and how it evolves and transforms further with 6G
  • The ongoing role of fiber and wired backbones in a post 5G world moving towards 6G wireless and beyond
  • Power and batteries in a post 5G world: Decisions to be made about modulation*, power sourcing, and more

* OFDM is a power/battery vampire
* 活動內容有可能不事先告知作更動及調整。