Clinical Trials, 2019年3月19日(二)


Organiser’s welcome Remarks

Joe Zhou

Chair’s opening Remarks

Joe Zhou, Chief Executive Officer, Genor BioPharma, Walvax Group

Opening Keynote Plenary

David Lane

Going global and keeping it local: Is biotech innovation sustainable in Asia?

In this keynote presentation, Sir David Lane, one of the key scientists credited on the discovery of cancer gene p53, a gene which mutation cause near 50% of all human cancer, will share his view on how biomedical sciences have developed in Singapore, Japan and the remaining APAC region, and prospects for Asian biotech and pharma industry.
David Lane, Chief Scientist, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
Byung-Geon Rhee

Looking east: Integrating Asia into the global era of innovative medicine

Byung-Geon Rhee, Chief Executive Officer, SCM Lifescience
Panel discussion

Pharma Trends: Women health as the next focus

Women’s health goes beyond mother & childcare. For instance, women has a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases compared to men, hence there is a need to invest more on addressing the biological differences in mainstream disease studies to ensure a more effective, personalised treatment. In addition, big data & AI application on female subjects may also differ from male subjects, prompting a need to investigate how studies should be developed differently in the future. This panel brings experts to debate and discuss how femtech is shaping to be the next global pharma focus and the new areas of focus in women's healthcare.
Moderator: Reenita Das, Partner, Frost & Sullivan
Evelyn Pang, Head Of Operations, Sanofi Pasteur
Marcel Van Duin, VP Research, Therapeutic Area Head, Reproductive Medicine & Women's Health, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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Clinical trials

Chair's opening remarks

Jing Ping Yeo
Clinical trials

A provider’s perspective in ensuring clinical trial quality

  • Suggestions in promoting collaboration required between pharma, CRO and providers to promote trial efficiency
  • Educational efforts and processes preparation required to ensure trials quality
  • Case study sharing
Jing Ping Yeo, Director, Research Integrity, Compliance, Ethics, Singapore Health Services (SingHealth)
Seong-Choon Choe
Clinical trials

Personalised risk assessment in clinical management

  • Disease management and specific screening for better risk assessment
  • Targeted screening and clinical management of specific disease profile
  • Product strategy and clinical development plan in establishing oncology pipelines
Seong-Choon Choe, Head, Seoul Research Institute, Boryung Pharmaceutical
Panel discussion
Clinical trials

New considerations in ensuring trials efficiency and transparency (to be confirmed)

This presentation shares insights from Asia, EMA and FDA inspections with case studies on biosimilar trials. It will also discuss the influence of the nature of company on site monitoring activities
Hyejin Shin, Director, Group Leader, Clinical Qa, Samsung Bioepis
Stephanie Liu
Clinical trials

Case study on regional differences in clinical audit and inspection

Stephanie Liu, Senior Gcqa Advisor, Global Cqa, Lundbeck Singapore

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Clinical trials

Chair’s opening remarks

Anil Pareek
Clinical trials

Clinical research as tools in driving innovation

Anil Pareek, President, Medical Affairs And Clinical Research, Ipca Laboratories Ltd
Yongho Oh
Clinical trials

Improving clinical trials with better stakeholder management

Yongho Oh, Regional Clinical Project Manager And Iss Project Manager, Jpac And China, Sanofi
Sophie Tsou
Clinical trials

Biostatistics perspective in cross country clinical design

Sophie Tsou, Associate Investigator, Division Of Biostatistics And Bioinformatics, National Health Research Institutes
Fiona Wong
Clinical trials

Paediatric subject recruitment: A cross industry case study & future trend

Fiona Wong, Team Leader Clinical Studies Aspac, Danone Nutriticia Research

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Mohd Fazli Shuib
Clinical trials

Leveraging digital platforms and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to improve patient experience and clinical trials subject recruitment

Mohd Fazli Shuib, Head, Pharmacy Services, F.V. Hospital
Lynne Baxter
Clinical trials

Innovating clinical trials with digital platforms: A cross industry case study

Lynne Baxter, Team Leader Clinical Study Research, Danone Nutriticia Research
Clinical trials

Medtech? AI? Big Data? What’s next in enabling more personalised patient care


Networking Cocktail & End of Conference Day 1

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Clinical Trials, 2019年3月20日(三)


Organiser’s welcome Remarks


Chairman’s opening Remarks

Nadia Suttikulpanich

Disrupt before being disrupted: Using digital tech to connect to previously uneconomic chronic disease customers

Insurance is a tricky part of healthcare business. Increased healthcare costs lead to a higher profit for pharma and provider companies but burdens the government budget and hurts the insurance business. Since taking care of a chronic patient is a lifelong commitment, the availability of insurance to cover this essential treatment is often expensive and uneconomical. Join Nadia Suttikulpanich, Head of the Fuchsia Innovation Center, part of Muang Thai Life Assurance, Thailand as she shares how they are adopting digital tech to pilot chronic disease cover to provide for patients in need while keeping their insurance business profitable.
Nadia Suttikulpanich, Head Of Fuchsia Innovation Center For Muang Thai Life Assurance, Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company
Edward Rosen

The path to personalised medicine: Key developments

Everyone knows the potential benefits of personalised medicine, but how do we get there? Finding and better defining disease through biomarkers and more accurate diagnostics. Targeted therapeutics to leverage new and emerging diagnostic capabilities. Personalized Medicine to Real-Time Medicine. How to drive success across industry and clinical implementation in an economic manner. This presentation discusses various strategies and key considerations to drive the symbiosis between academia, industry and clinical medicine to drive vastly improved patient outcomes.
Edward Rosen, Leader, Glendevon Life Sciences LLC & Executive in Residence, Columbia Technology Ventures
Panel discussion

Pharma 4:0 Digital disruption: New players, new opportunities

Moderator: Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Digital Accelerator (Global Drug Development), Novartis
Teck Jack Tan, Chairman And Medical Director, Northeast Medical Group
Matt Cooper, Business Development And Research Director, NIHR Clinical Research Network
Andreas Koester, Vice President Of Clinical Trial Innovation And External Alliances, Johnson & Johnson
David Benshoof Klein, Chief Executive Officer, Click Therapeutics
Raghu Bathina, Founder, Future World Studios

Roundtable discussion

Table 1 Working with clinical outsourcing partners: Risk management and prevention

Pei Yin Tan, Director, Asia Clinical Operations, Medicine Development Center, Eisai Clinical Research Singapore Pte Ltd

Table 2 Fostering commercial partnerships to tap on emerging APAC markets

Charles Stacey, President And Chief Executive Officer, Cerecin

Table 3 Regulatory collaboration and opportunities in more efficient drug development

Phusit Prakongsai, Ministry of Public Health Thailand

Table 4 Strategies in making drugs more affordable and accessible to patients in developing countries

Pratapa Satyanarayana, Former Senior Director And Group Country Head, Dr. Reddy?s Laboratories Ltd.

Table 5 Universal healthcare- Is it really costly?

Table 6 A convergent approach: Tapping on western expertise to serve Asia population

Philippe Pinton, Regional Head, Specialty Therapy, Takeda

Table 7 Precision to personalised medicine- How do we get there?

Mrunalini Jagtap, Data Management Lead, SICS, A*STAR

Table 8 Leveraging blockchain technology in making clinical trials more transparent and efficient

Table 9: Data Science in practice: How can sales reps and MSLs use Big Data?

Prabhuram Krishnan, South Asia Medical Director, Ipsen Pharma

Table 10: The Singapore biotech ecosystem - What comes after the Inflexion?


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Seokjoong Kim
Clinical trials

Gearing up for a clinic with CRISPR technology: New strategies

Seokjoong Kim, Director And Head Of Business Development, Toolgen
Judith Walker
Clinical trials

Transitioning from an US food to an Asian drug company: A case study in clinical development

Judith Walker, Chief Medical Officer, Cerecin
Liping Liu
Clinical trials

East meets west, the quest to cure

Liping Liu, Chief Executive Officer And Chief Scientific Officer, Shenzhen HighTide Biopharmaceutical Ltd.
Panel discussion
Clinical trials

Country showcase: Emerging destinations in Asia Pacific for successful Global Clinical Trials

How to decide when it comes to selecting the ideal trial site for Asia market? This panel is participated by country representatives from Asia Pacific to share with you challenges, opportunities, processes involved in making you pan-Asia study a success

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I-Ning Tang
Clinical trials

Clinical trial capacity related to MRCT in Taiwan

I-Ning Tang, Senior Reviewer And Team Leader, Center For Drug Evaluation
Salah Uddin
Clinical trials

GCP and safety guidelines for biosimilars products

Salah Uddin, Assistant Director, DGDA Bangladesh
Clinical trials

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Panel discussion
Clinical trials

MRCT in Asia: Implications & opportunities

  • Accounting regional differences in stepwise expansions
  • Selection of suitable geographical regions
  • How do South East Asia companies tap on MRCT opportunities in their near future strategies
Pei Yin Tan, Director, Asia Clinical Operations, Medicine Development Center, Eisai Clinical Research Singapore Pte Ltd
John Patava, Global Head Of Scientific Affairs, Sirtex Medical Limited
Arani Chatterjee, Senior Vice President, Clinical Research, Aurobindo Pharma

End of Phar-East 2019

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