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Using Protein Language Models to Predict Polyreactivity of Antibodies
Michail Vlysidis, PhD, Senior Engineer, AbbVie

Challenges and Opportunities in Membrane-Based Separations in Bioprocessing
Jian Ren, PhD, Principal Scientist, AbbVie

Optimizing Multicolumn Chromatography for Protein A Capture Step
Alexander Way, Scientist, AbbVie

What to Consider in Early-Stage Development of Complex Biologics-Learning from Multispecific mAb Case Studies
Guannan He, PhD, Principal Research Scientist I, CMC Bioprocess, Development Sciences, Abbvie Biotherapeutics Inc.

New Mass Spectrometry Approaches in Forced Degradation for Biologics Lead Optimization/Early Development
Alayna George Thompson, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, AbbVie

Digitalization of Tech Transfer Strategies: Why and How
Niki Wong, PhD, Director Global Tech Operations CMC, Global Tech Operations CMC, AbbVie Operations Singapore Pte Ltd.

Overcoming the Barriers to Further Adoption of MAM
Hao Zhang, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist and Team Lead, Pivotal Attribute Sciences, Amgen

Continuous Manufacturing Process Technologies Enable Productivity and Reliability
Madiha Khurshid, Senior Associate, Pivotal Drug Substance Process Development, Amgen Inc.

A Closed, Autologous Bioprocess Optimized for TCR T Cell Therapies
Eugenia Zah, Process Development Principal Scientist, Amgen Inc.

Anatomy of High-Concentration Biologics
Twinkle Christian, MS, Senior Scientist, Amgen, Inc.

Where Are the Data-Solving One Challenge at a Time for Developing Digital Technologies to Support All Phases of Analytical Method Lifecycle
Neeraj Agrawal, PhD, Director, Attribute Science Data Engineering, Amgen

READY: Addressing Current Challenges in Biomanufacturing with Reliability, Efficiency, Agility, Data, and (High) Yields
Jerry A. Murry, PhD, Senior Vice President, Process Development, Amgen

New Methods and Strategies for Particle Analysis
Shawn Cao, PhD, Scientific Director, Amgen

Optimization Strategies for Developing Robust Perfusion and Harvest Methods for High Cell Density Mammalian Cultures
Jessica Pedroso, PhD, Process Development Principal Scientist, Pivotal Drug Substance Technologies, Amgen Inc.

Ongoing Challenges and Considerations to Develop High-Concentration Protein Formulation
Jia He, Senior Scientist, Amgen

Development of Two Alternative CHO Culture Harvest Processes Using Acid Precipitation and Cationic Flocculation to Enable Process Scale-Up
Victoria Drake Carnein, Associate Scientist IV, Upstream Process Development, Alexion, AstraZeneca Rare Disease

Comparison of Vector Production Kinetics between Novel Dual Transfection and Traditional Triple Transfection Systems in Suspension HEK293 Cells
William Lee, Research Associate, AAV Analytical Method Development, Alexion-AstraZeneca Rare Disease

Quality Control and Analytical Characterization of mRNA LNP Drug Products in Early Clinical-Phase
Eivor Örnskov, PhD, Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca

Analytical Techniques for Characterization of RNA and mRNA Products
Eivor Örnskov, PhD, Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca

Cryopreservation of Cell Therapies
Yuechen Zhu, PhD, Process Development Scientist, Gene & Cell Therapy Process Development, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

Real-Time, Automated Monitoring of CAR T Cell Phenotypes in Autologous Cell Therapy Manufacturing via Holographic Imaging
Sarah Rajani, Scientist, Cell Therapy Drug Product Process Development, Bristol Myers Squibb

Roadmap towards Fully Automated Cell Therapy Manufacturing
Claire State, Scientist, Drug Product Process Development, Bristol Myers Squibb

Case Study: NGS for Deep Characterization
Chaojie Wang, Scientist, Biologics, Bristol Myers Squibb Co.

Automated Formulation Development across Modalities
Peter Soler, PhD, Senior Research Investigator, Bristol Myers Squibb Co.

Making Data Work for You-Transformational Data Analytics Solutions
Brian Good, PhD, Senior Research Advisor, Eli Lilly and Company

Diastereomer Characterization of Phosphorothioate Synthetic Oligonucleotides Using a Tandem IMS-MS Method
Shannon A. Raab, PhD, Research Scientist, Bioproduct R&D, Eli Lilly & Co.

Primary Recovery Platform-Next-Generation Bioprocessing (NGB)
Alex Cohen, Senior Principal Engineer, Bioproduct R&D, Eli Lilly & Co.

Evolution of Core Analytical Methods during the Development Lifecycle for mAb Products
Claudia Gributs, PhD, Senior Director, Research and Development, Eli Lilly and Company

RNA Delivery in the Central Nervous System
Sean Bedingfield, PhD, Senior Advisor, Lilly Genetic Medicine, Eli Lilly and Company

Concentrating siRNA by Ultrafiltration for Gene Therapy Applications
Ken K. Qian, PhD, Scientific Director, Eli Lilly & Co.

Higher Throughput Antibody Characterization to Improve Candidate Quality and Enable Machine Learning
Lasse Stach, PhD, Principal Investigator & Leader, Developability Profiling Team, GSK

Closed-Loop Control of Fed-Batch Bioreactors for Monoclonal Antibody Production
Anastasia Nikolakopoulou, Investigator-Modeling and Simulation, Pharmaceutical Development, R&D Medicinal Science and Technology, GSK

Quantifying Catabolism to Predict and Model the Kinetics of CHO Cell Cultures
Sergio Rossell, PhD, Expert Scientist, Upstream Development, GSK

Antibody Impurity Assessment via Integration of Mobile Affinity Selection Chromatography with Automated Data Analysis
Harsha Gunawardena, PhD, Principal Scientist, Mass Spectrometry, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Platform Validation for Process Impurities Workflows
Rosalind Ang, PhD, Associate Principal Scientist, Merck

Industry Maturity Models as the North Star for Digital Transformation
Eugene Tung, PhD, Executive Director, Manufacturing IT, Merck & Co., Inc.

Fully Automated Immuno-µPlaque Assay for Live-Attenuated Quadrivalent Dengue Vaccine Development
Yi Wang, PhD, Senior Scientist, Vaccine Analytical R&D Merck

Building an LC-MS-Based Analytical Toolbox for Characterization of Polysaccharide-Protein Conjugate Vaccines
Pavlo Pristatsky, Associate Principal Scientist, Merck & Co. Inc.

Automation for All: Developing Workflows for Broad Deployment
Jon Jurica, PhD, Principal Scientist, Analytical Research and Development, Merck & Co.

Contributions of CHO Extracellular Vesicles and Other Cellular Materials to Hollow Fiber Filter Fouling during Perfusion Manufacturing of Monoclonal Antibodies
Yixiao Zhang, PhD, Senior Scientist, Merck

Site-Specific Integration to Streamline Cell Line Development and Promote Speed to Clinic
Shengyuan Zhao, PhD, Senior Scientist, Process Cell Sciences, BPR&D, Merck & Co.

Rapid Profiling, Fingerprinting, and Speciation of Polymeric Excipients in Biotherapeutic Products
Ross Yang, Scientist, Merck Research Labs

Characterizing Monoclonal Antibodies and Antibody-Drug Conjugates by Top-Down and Middle-Down Mass Spectrometry
Benqian Wei, PhD, Senior Scientist, Merck

The Protein Stabilising Capability of Surfactants against Agitation- and Surface-Induced Stresses
Michelle P. Zoeller, PhD, Senior Scientist, Liquid Formulation R&D, Merck Life Science KGaA

Digital Twin Strategy for Continuous Manufacturing of Biologics: Case Study
Robert Taylor, PhD, Associate Scientist, Bioseparation Sciences, Merck Manufacturing Division

Analytical Insights into Innovative Biologics and Biosimilars: Unveiling the Key Differences in Analytical Development
Miha Vodnik, PhD, Senior Expert Science & Technology, Novartis

Investigating the Impact of ITR Deletions in rAAV Production Plasmids on rAAV Vector Quality Using Next-Generation Sequencing
Michael Boyd, Senior Scientist II, Novartis

Formulation Developability Assessment for Viral Vector Delivery Agents: A Closer Look into Physical and Functional Particle Assessment
Ahmet Bekdemir, PhD, Senior Scientist II, Formulation & Analytics, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc.

Computational Tools and Sequencing Technologies for Heightened Characterization of mRNA Therapeutics
Joe Saelens, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Computational Biology, Molecular Informatics, Pfizer

Continuous High-Concentration Formulation of Biologics
Daniel P. LaCasse, Senior Principal Scientist, Early Stage Biologics Process Development, Pfizer Inc.

Detection of dsRNA Impurities in mRNA Drug Substance Samples Using ddPCR 
Snaha Dogiparthi, Scientist Bioassay Development, Early Bioprocess, Pfizer Inc.

DNA Starting Material Quality: A Copy Can Only Be As Good As The Template
Lawrence C. Thompson, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Analytical R&D, Pfizer Inc.

Controlling Metabolism of CHO Cells in Fedbatch Processes with Raman Models 
Gayatri Dhara, PhD, Senior Scientist, Upstream Process Development, Pfizer Inc.

Capture Redox: An Efficient Method for Generation of Multispecific Antibodies
Michael King, PhD, Senior Scientist, Pfizer Inc.

Protein A ELISA Platform Method Development Comparing Two Commercial Kits
Theresa O'Brien, Scientist, Sanofi

What We Know and Do Not Know about Analytical Testing for mRNA Characterization
Jianmei D. Kochling, PhD, Senior Director, Head of Analytical Development and QC, mRNA Center of Excellence, Sanofi

Analytical Techniques for Characterization of RNA and mRNA Products
Jianmei D. Kochling, PhD, Senior Director, Head of Analytical Development and QC, mRNA Center of Excellence, Sanofi

Evolving Core Methods via Automation, Platforming, and Improved Usability
Bharathi Govindarajan, PhD, Principal Scientist, Bioanalytical Sciences, Sanofi, United States

Advances in mRNA Vaccine Analytics
Sarah Muse, PhD, Senior Scientist, Sanofi

Digital Transformation & AI in Bioprocess-What, Where, When, and How?
Christian Airiau, PhD, Global Head, Data Sciences, CMC, R&D, Sanofi

Development of a Platform Purification Process for Novel Non-Viral Gene Therapy Modality: Harvest, Lysis, and Clarification Optimization
Ronit Ghosh, PhD, Purification Process Development Scientist, Genomic Medicine Unit, Sanofi

Data-Driven Robust Producer Cell Line Development Platform for AAV Gene Therapy
Amit Mathur, PhD, Senior Scientist, Genomic Medicine Unit, Sanofi

A Comprehensive Degradation Temperature Panel Is Vital for AAV Development
Ronald T. Toth, PhD, Senior Scientist, Characterization, Sanofi

Targeting Dual Selection as an Expression Tool to Help Drive Stable Production of Correctly-Paired Multispecifics
Brian E. Hall, PhD, Distinguished Scientist, Large Molecule Research, Sanofi

Application of Transposase Technology for Cell Line Development
Saurabh Sen, PhD, Associate Director, Cell Line Development, Genomic Medicine Unit CMC, Sanofi

Computational Modeling and Mathematical Approaches to Enhance Predictability in Cell Culture
Madhuresh Sumit, PhD, Principal Scientist, Pfizer Inc.

AAV Drug Product Local Delivery Administration Device Consideration
Xin Jin, PhD, Scientist, Biological Drug Product Development, Sanofi

Drug Product Consideration for AAV-Based Gene Therapy Products
Paria Moxley, PhD, Scientist, Biologics Drug Product Development & Manufacturing, Sanofi

Understanding Formulation and Process Needs for High-Concentration Protein Therapeutics
Kanika Sarpal, PhD, Senior Scientist, Biologics Drug Product Development, Sanofi

Evaluating Molecular-Scale, Coarse-Grained Mayer Sampling Simulations for Predicting the Self-Association of Commercial Monoclonal Antibodies
Jonathan Janke, PhD, Scientist, Biologic Drug Product Development and Manufacturing, Sanofi

Automated Fermenter Bioprocess in Vaccine Manufacturing: Transcription Trigger and Metabolite Feedback Control
Jennifer Reid, PhD, Senior Scientist, Vaccine Drug Substance Development, Sanofi

Application of AL/ML in Modeling and Simulation of Upstream and Downstream Bioprocesses for Vaccine Development
Angela Li, PhD, Senior Scientist, Sanofi Pasteur

Balance Sustainability and Profitability: Evaluating Process Intensification and Continuous Processing through Economic and Ecological Modeling
Lijuan Li, Senior Staff Engineer (in silico CMC), Technology Development & Implementation, Takeda

Sustainability in Bioprocessing
Lijuan Li, Senior Staff Engineer (in silico CMC), Technology Development & Implementation, Takeda

Novel Approach to Affinity Capture Elution Design
Wei Lu, PhD, Staff Engineer, Bioprocess Development, Takeda

Affinity Capture, Characterization, and Activity-Based Profiling of Host Cell Proteins (HCPs)
Michael Dolan, Staff Engineer, Process Development US, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

One-Step Formulation Development of Biologics
Slobodanka (Dina) Manceva, Associate Director Drug Product and Technology Development, Teva Branded Pharmaceuticals

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